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from Japan


                                                                           "AGP Japan" - auto parts from Japan


    Japanese cars are examples of high quality that other manufacturers are trying to be equal to. Their reliability and quality are tested with time, but no matter how good and reliable machinery is, it wears out and needs a repair, for that necessery parts and hardware are needed.


    We are dealing with contract parts delivery from Japan.

                                                         The main benefits of contract parts are:

       -  These parts are couple times cheaper than the new ones. Sometimes their cost differs in dozens of times;

       -  Complex aggregates such as engines, transmissions, nodes wear run in a car, so basically tested;

       -  Body parts has strict geometric accuracy of particular model and are being made without any exceptional technological                            operations, that always happens with duplicates being   manufactured. 


                That`s why a lot of specialists of auto repair shops especially prefer contract parts.



                                                                                  We offer you auto parts for Japanese cars:

also for cars of other manufacturers:

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