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                             "AGP Japan" OFFERS USED AUTO PARTS BY 20 AND 40 FIT CONTAINER


    "AGP Japan" COMPANY has been dealing with used auto parts for Japanese cars since 1999, predominantly RHD cars. Our company "AGP Japan" is officially registered on the Japanese territory. Auto parts are presented for the  whole line of cars manufactured in Japan:Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Subaru, Suzuki, Daihatsu also contract parts assortment is presented for German cars ( manufactured in Germany) BMW, AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN and MERCEDES-BENZ.


    Directly from our factories-partners that are dealing with recycling and auctioning in Japan, we supply good quality used petrol and diesel engines, automatic transmission,  gearboxes units ,also body parts and suspension. Each part is inspected on the car by our professional staff so we guaranty quality of each item.


             List of the contract parts that we are selling:


   - engines, gearboxes (automatic transmission,  manual transmission, variators);


   - body parts: optics, bumper, wings, hood,  engine cooler, radiator grille, trunk lid, doors etc. ;


   - suspension: drive, levers, racks, shock absorbers, steering gears, reducer, springs etc.


   Please note:the container are prepared in our japanese dismantling facilities. We carefully select and remove the parts that you will make the order for. Next step we will load the container 20 or 40 fit as you request and ship it to your country(F.O.B). 

   Also our  staff  speaks Russian, English,Japanese so we can provide smooth negotiation between the customer and supplier.

We are happy to support you in anyway possible just let us now how to help, and we will do our best!  


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